Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Caves of Crantock Beach

Both ends of Crantock Bay feature imposing cliffs. One day when the tide was somewhat low we decided to walk along the southern end of the beach and discovered a number of inlets and caves carved into the cliffs. 

Lacking a flashlight, we decided only to venture as far as the light went, but you could tell that some of the caves went in quite a ways. 

I loved the gray-blue shale (or something like it) that poked out of the sand at intervals. Ocean-polished shards of the rock were all over the beach and made perfect skipping stones. 

Someone more adventurous than we might be quite tempted by the cool, sandy caves (not to mention the craggy cliff walls--they would make for interesting if not slippery climbing). 

A modeling the height of the cliff walls

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