Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tallgrass Prairie

On our last day in Oklahoma A's dad took us to see the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. Tallgrass prairie is a remarkably diverse ecosystem (remarkable for those of us used to trees)! It actually makes sense when you think about it, though--trees limit the sunlight that makes it to the forest floor, which allows a smaller group of species to flourish. On the wide open prairie, everyone gets sun!

The gateway to the Preserve is in Pawhuska, a sleepy little town featured on Pioneer Woman's show and blog (she didn't blog about the outside of the building that her family is renovating in Pawhuska until weeks after our trip, but I think this storefront that I loved is actually hers!).

From Pawhuska we headed out to the prairie. Waaaayyyy out. 

You guys know I love Instagram (I mean, obvi). It works well for snippets of life back East. But the square format is woefully inadequate to convey the grandeur of the open prairie. When I get a real camera I will definitely be returning to Oklahoma!
The elusive buffalo! Sadly the herds were elsewhere that day. 
The hilly part
Flat is beautiful.
On top of the prairie right here.

Scant signs of human life scattered throughout the preserve.

Lots of cows in OK. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Price Tower

During our stay in Bartlesville, we spent an evening hanging out in the Price Tower, a Frank Lloyd Wright building and National Historic Landmark downtown.

The multi-use tower has offices, an arts center, and hotel rooms.  

The "tree" theme of the overall architectural design of the building is reflected in the midcentury furniture and decor, interspersed with gorgeous pops of orange...

... which itself is echoed in the design of the bar on the top floors of the building, Copper Bar.  

I was in love with the details and metalwork in the bar. 

The bar top and these metal curtains smelled very strongly of copper!

It's a bit of a haul from most anywhere, but if you find yourself near Bartlesville you should absolutely check out the Price Tower!

Monday, June 11, 2012


A's cousin's wedding was held at Woolaroc, a frontier museum outside of Bartlesville. All of the cousins grew up visiting the museum and animal preserve when they were kids, so holding the wedding in front of the iconic doors of the museum was a lovely, sentimental choice. Pioneer Woman has a similar fondness for the place, and one of her Food Network shows featured a visit.*  

The entryway was a striking backdrop for the ceremony. 

My new BFF Clayton. He watched over us during dinner. 

*I've been to book signings for both of PW's cookbooks, and A came with me to the first one. A talked to her about Woolaroc at that signing, and she totally remembered me** from that conversation at the second one!

**May or may not be true. I'm happy with my delusions.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Obligatory airplane wing photo. 
We are doing a whole bunch of traveling for weddings this year. Before we leave for the next one, I'm finally going to post a few photos from the first wedding of the season [cough cough] twomonthsago. We headed to Oklahoma for A's dear cousin's ceremony in April. A's dad assured us that Oklahoma is not in fact lush and green all year round, but we had some amazing scenery for my first visit between the coasts. I fell in love with the wonderful people and gorgeous prairie!


Home, home on the range...
We saw dozens of dead armadillos and miles of lovely green fields on the drive from Tulsa to Bartlesville. Bartlesville is the childhood hometown of the Pioneer Woman and A's dad!

Our destination.

 Stay tuned for photos of Woolaroc, Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower, and the Tall Grass Prairie!