Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reykjavik, Iceland

The cheapest flight to England for our friend's wedding was with Iceland Air. Since every Iceland Air flight stops over at Keflavik Airport (40 minutes from of Reykjavik) and they make it easy for you to plan a stopover of up to three days, we decided to plan a 48-hour interlude in Reykjavik and its surrounds on the way home. We had an amazing trip!

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I didn't take as many photos in Reykjavik itself as I had wanted since we were so exhausted from our adventures, but here are a few. More posts are on the way with other features of our trip!

Iceland Travel Tips
  • We stayed in a little studio rented from Welcome Apartments. It was right downtown and we walked everywhere (with the exception of our Golden Circle tour and our airport transfers).  
  • Since food is expensive in Iceland a kitchenette is a must for your hotel in Reykjavik even if you're only staying for a night. We shopped at 10:11 and Bonus and were able to eat our fill of delicious local skyr and smoked salmon at great prices. They make great bread and cheese rolls in Iceland so make sure to find some local bakeries to try. 
  • While we loved our visit to the Blue Lagoon (more on that soon) we also loved swimming in the Sundholl Reykjavikur, one of the 18 geothermally-heated public swimming pools in Reykjavik. We went both nights and spent hours swimming in the lap pool and trying the various warmer pools and tubs. The building itself has beautiful tall windows and vintage 1930's style changing rooms. 

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