Friday, February 8, 2013

An Early Valentine's Treat With Cai's Daily Rant

A lovely blog that I follow, Crowley Party, and a handful of other bloggers decided to do a Valentine's blog linkup, pairing up interested participants and having us send each other little Valentine's treats. I was matched with Cai of Cai's Daily Rant, an adorable teenager from Texas who loves her family, friends, everything Brazil, and rocking her senior year of high school. 

I've loved reading about her jam-packed schedule and wondering what kind of hot mess would have ensued if I tried to blog in high school (were there blogs 11 years ago? Maybe the early days of MySpace, barely, and a few dedicated early adopters on AOL). Kids these days get so much done, seriously. Also, when explaining what I'm looking for from a wedding photographer, I'm just going to show them this post

Cai sent me a kit of her favorite Burt's Bees products for battling dry winter air just in time for the blizzard! I love  Burt's products and I'm excited to try the new-to-me Honey and Grapeseed oil lotion. 

Head over to Cai's Daily Rant to check out what I sent her! And have a Happy Valentine's Day! A and I are taking the day off work on V Day to check out wedding venues :)