Saturday, August 25, 2012

English Countryside

We began our English adventure with a drive to Cornwall from Heathrow. A did very well driving on the wrong side of the road, luckily we were able to get an automatic transmission for a reasonable rate. The English countryside was lovely. 

This was actually at our destination but it's how I always imagined the English countryside.

After consulting the Internets we chose to take the A303/A30 (which is more direct but sometimes gets down to one lane each way) over the major highway option of the M4/M5.

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Our drive was during the early afternoon of a Wednesday at the end of July and we hit absolutely no traffic, but I hear both routes can be clogged on a Friday or during holidays. 

I'm so glad the route worked out because it was quite picturesque and allowed us to take a peek at Stonehenge. 

Southern England Travel Tips

  • If you're driving to Cornwall from London, try to schedule your flights and driving time to avoid joining more Britons on holiday than you might find convenient. 
  • Stonehenge is right next to the A303. You can just take pictures driving by, or pull onto the provided shoulder on the A344 for a few minutes. We were flustered and pulled into the parking lot, and decided to just pay the £3 for parking instead of attempting to turn around. We took photos from outside the fence; you can also pay £8 apiece to walk around closer to the stones. 
  • There are frequent rest areas even on the A303/A30 route. You can get your fill of meat-flavored potato chips and amazing English chocolate and ice cream, as well as sandwiches and other supplies. 

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