Monday, August 27, 2012

Crantock Beach

Before our trip, I never would have pictured something like Crantock Beach when thinking of England. I know better now...

Walking down the dunes from our B&B

The Cornwall coast can be breathtaking. 

This is just a small percentage of the amazing photos I took on this beach. The dunes are steep but were so worth the walk that we hiked them many times a day to get a chance at this view. 

The low tide line is very far from the high tide mark. Here I was sitting with at least 100 yards from the high tide line behind me looking out at near low tide. 

Our friends took advantage of the huge tidal plain for a little beach cricket. 

These cliffs warrant their own post. 

The weather was in the low 70s but the water was quite nice for swimming (for those of us used to swimming in Maine)

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