Sunday, June 10, 2012


Obligatory airplane wing photo. 
We are doing a whole bunch of traveling for weddings this year. Before we leave for the next one, I'm finally going to post a few photos from the first wedding of the season [cough cough] twomonthsago. We headed to Oklahoma for A's dear cousin's ceremony in April. A's dad assured us that Oklahoma is not in fact lush and green all year round, but we had some amazing scenery for my first visit between the coasts. I fell in love with the wonderful people and gorgeous prairie!


Home, home on the range...
We saw dozens of dead armadillos and miles of lovely green fields on the drive from Tulsa to Bartlesville. Bartlesville is the childhood hometown of the Pioneer Woman and A's dad!

Our destination.

 Stay tuned for photos of Woolaroc, Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower, and the Tall Grass Prairie!

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