Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple Feature: Pink Lady, Mutsu, and Jonagold

 Fall is my very favorite season, especially here in New England. It's just not the same in New York :)  

The farmers' market this weekend was bursting with perfectly crisp apples in over a dozen varieties. I decided to grab two new-to-me kinds (Jonagold and Mutsu) and an old favorite that I haven't had in a couple of years (Pink Lady).

I had almost 10 pounds of perfectly crisp apples, so I decided to do a head-to-head tasting and then a little baking (stay tuned for my favorite pie recipe). I made sure to choose apples that were recommended for both eating and baking.

First up: the Mutsu. 

All three of the varieties were deliciously crisp, but the Mutsu might have taken the crispness crown. It had a good balance between tart and sweet. 

Behind crispness, tartness is my second most important apple factor. In the offseason, if the Honeycrisps are gone I will only buy Granny Smith (no mealy apples allowed!). 

The second contender: the Jonagold. 

The Jonagold was the sweetest apple in the mix, with definite honey notes. If you like a sweeter apple, Jonagold is almost as sweet as Red Delicious, but still edible (Red Delicious are probably my least favorite apple). 

The final variety: Pink Lady. 

The Pink Lady is perfectly tart with a dense crunch. I liked the Mutsu a lot, but Pink Lady and Honeycrisp are still my favorite eating apples. The Pink Lady was a great afternoon snack with fresh buffalo mozzarella (thanks to a Costco run in the morning). Fall caprese!

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