Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dangerous Territory
After eating our fill of amazing pizza at Otto, A and I made our way down to Cardullo's for some pre-movie candy (some of which {cough} may have made it into the theater in my purse). Cardullo's sells all kinds of gourmet foods, both local and imported...
Love vanilla in my caramel
Dynamite sodas
I need to dream up a baking project worthy of these
... but my favorite section is the imported candy aisle! I've noticed grocery stores in urban areas carrying more and more Euro candy brands like Kinder and Ritter Sport in the past few years, but I love Cardullos for having my favorites, especially good marzipan, a family obsession...
Hands down the best marzipan I've ever had
...and REAL Cadbury! When I studied in New Zealand there was a Cadbury factory in my city, so many days we'd awake to the smell of chocolate mingling with the aroma from the coffee factory in town. Much better than your average New England factory smells! Cadbury sold in the US is actually made by Hershey (not my favorite chocolate) and really does taste different than the stuff I loved in NZ. At the Cadbury factory in Dunedin they told us that American chocolate was only required to contain 10% cocoa solids compared with over 20% for UK and NZ manufacturers, and it really shows in the creaminess and flavor. Cardullos stocks the good stuff. Check it out next time you're in the Square!
Non-American Candy!
Real Cadbury, made in the UK

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