Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sour Cherry Bliss

Our apartment building has a peach tree and a non-productive plum tree on our side of the yard, and a sour cherry tree in front. 

I love tart flavors, and have always loved cherry pie (even the kind from a can), but somehow never realized that that "cherry pie filling" flavor came from (cooked) sour cherries. 

Until now... 

Consider me totally educated in all things sour cherry, after harvesting 16 cups' worth of cherries this weekend and baking a ridiculous slab pie. 

This Smitten Kitchen recipe is a total knockout. Perfectly flaky and buttery crust, with an insanely flavorful tart cherry filling. 

Sour Cherry Slab Pie from Smitten Kitchen

Recipe note: The cherries Deb used to make the photographed recipe were either at the furthest edge of the ripeness spectrum, or else a variety that's a bit closer to sweet cherries, based on their color. I always dial back the sugar in recipes, but found myself adding at least 1/4C more to the recommended low end 3/4 C from Deb's recipe because my cherries were so tart (they came right off the stem, so they were at least ripe enough). 

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