Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Crafting: Cinnamon-stick Candles

While searching Pinterest for holiday decorating ideas I came across an adorable candle craft that I had to make. I don't burn candles often but I knew these would look great with my holiday greenery. 

I assembled my supplies: 

  1. Five natural beeswax candles from an adorable shop on Etsy (the other two are in my red Ikea lanterns); 
  2. A whole lot of cinnamon sticks (if you buy a big bag, you can make mulled cider all winter); 
  3. My trusty thin jute string; and 
  4. Some maple log candle holders (I liked the rustic look). 

The assembly was really simple once I realized that I needed an adhesive to hold the cinnamon sticks to the candle while I was putting them together. If I were a craftier person and owned a glue gun, I would have run a thread of hot glue around the candle near the bottom. I am not that person (yet?), so I used double-sided tape around the bottom of the candle. If I do burn the candles, I'll make sure to stop above the tape line. 

When the sticks were in place, I first tied them up with a thicker jute twine, but decided I liked the jute string look better. 

They fit perfectly on the half wall between the living room and kitchen!

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