Thursday, February 16, 2012

Places I love: St. Lucia

Where my mind goes in February
February has been a bit of a blah month this year in terms of personal inspiration. I'm going to burst through my bloggers' block with memories of a trip I took to St. Lucia one cold winter a few years ago with my dear friend Katie. We were living in Maine and decided that we needed a trip somewhere, anywhere sunny. Someone Katie knew had been to St. Lucia for a honeymoon and couldn't recommend it more highly. We decided that two single girls could have a lot of fun on a honeymooners' island-- if everyone else is hunkered down in an all-inclusive resort, more fun adventures would be open for us! It really is a jewel of an island and I want to support the amazing people of St. Lucia by sending more tourist dollars their way! Just imagine what being there is like if I could capture images like these with my 2002 vintage no frills point and shoot.

The walkway at our hotel
Dennery-- we went to the most amazing fish festival here
Gorgeous ruins of a fort on the water
I love the textures in dried coral!
Rodney Bay, our home away from home
Spectacular sunsets. Whenever I get the chance to photograph a sunset over water I take it!
The waterfront resort on Rodney Bay where we pretended to be guests every day
Our reward for a hike through the jungle
Inspiring color palette in Anse La Raye-- I loved this village!
More amazing colors and textures at the old fort

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